Stand the test of time

Created to stand the test of time

For thousands of years the ancestors of Injalak’s contemporary artists executed ochre paintings in rock shelters and for ceremonial body designs.

Kunwinjku artists today are renowned for their figurative works depicting ancestral beings, spirit figures, game animals and bush foods. They work within the continuous art history spanning from ancient rock art to the present day, while continually experimenting with vibrant new forms with which to express the timeless stories.

Artists today use both traditional ochres and artist quality acrylics. Their fine rarrk (hatching) is always painted with manyilk, a traditional brush made from sedge.

Paintings on Arches watercolour paper have been a signature creation of Injalak Arts since 1991, when a suite of these works was commissioned by the American collector John W. Kluge. Arches paper is
valued for its durability, and with artist quality paints and ancient ochres, works on paper from Injalak are made to last.


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