Bewk Bewk Story
Bewk Bewk Story


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Bewk Bewk was a man with an uncontrollable libido. He was short, but very strong. He lived in a cave in the stone country. Two sisters were hunting and strayed into his cave one day to avoid rain. They saw spears and magpie goose egg shells around the cave. Then Bewk Bewk returned from collecting magpie goose eggs and he assumed they had been sent by their mother as a gift and ravaged them. He had spikes on his penis and they bled terribly. The next morning he left to go egg hunting again. They cauterised their wounds with smouldering wood and left the cave, walking slowly back to their family. He came back from hunting and noticed they had gone. He was furious. He followed them to the town. The family told the girls “You went to the wrong place! You shouldn’t have gone there!” They dug a deep hole and disguised it. Bewk Bewk was a strong fighter, but they tricked him into walking over the hole by saying “Come and get the girls, they’re over here!” And he fell down. They imprisoned him there. Unable to control himself he masturbated until his penis dropped off. Putting the appendage to his lips he found that it made a good sound and thus invented the first mako (didjeridu). He used his testicles as clapping sticks. He died down there.

(Source: Graham Badari and Glen Namundja)

Bewk Bewk nakka dedjumbung dja murrngrayek nungka yoy kore kuwardehwarde.Benebokenh daluk nawu benedanginj benewam benebengmayahmeng mandjewk bebmeng nakimuk wanjh benengimeng kore kuwarderurrk benenang mankole dja nawern wirllarrk ngalng.Bewk Bewk kumdurndi  mangihmangi manimunak wirllarrk benmenenang wanjh yimeng ngalbadjan berrewoneng benmenemunkeweng wanjh kunwarre yimeng berrewoneng Wanjh yawoyhwam warlbom dja bedman benewam benebebmeng kore namud berrewoneng.BewkBewk kumdurndi benmeneyawam wam benmenekadjuy wanjh bindimarneyimeng nawu namud berrewoneng njale mak ngunewam kumekke bewkbewk bebmeng bedberre wanjh birrimarneyimeng ngimray ngibenmenemang nanih kabenehdi dja korroko birribolkkaruy mandjorlokkimuk yimankek balwam kukyibmeng kanjdji kudjorlok doweng.

ARTIST  Mukguddu Nabegeyo


Size 76x56 Lithograph AP 4/10
Catalogue # 2884253

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