Kunak Djang (Fire Dreaming) – Edition 40/99
Kunak Djang (Fire Dreaming) – Edition 40/99


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Kunak Djang (Fire Dreaming) is a dreaming which belonged to England Banggala. It relates to a site near the Cadell River in Central Arnhem Land. The content is of a secret/sacred nature.

Banggala was a versatile artist, who as well as painting on bark and paper also created a number of lithographs and other prints. As printmaker Theo Tremblay said of England Banggala: “He has an innate graphic ability, a natural response and feeling for composition. A wholistic approach where the background – a song, air, earth has as much to do with the image as what flows in it.”

Banggala passed away in 2001.

ARTIST  England Banggala


Size 76 x 56 cm
Medium Lithograph
Catalogue # 2884274

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