Ubarr Ceremony
Ubarr Ceremony


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This print shows the Ubarr Ceremony being performed and various elements of the Yirrbardbard creation story that relate to the Ubarr ceremony.

Yirrbardbard was the name of a Dreamtime “clever” (magic) being. He was an old man who had a younger woman “promised” to him as a wife who did not want to marry him. He was obsessed with getting her to be his wife and was angry that her mother had not forced the young woman to his side. Yirrbardbard left all his possessions; two dogs and the two grinding stones essential to his “clever” business and went hunting kalawan or goannas as he thought about revenge. He cut a log and prepared it for his return the next day. The following day he changed himself into a yirrbardbard (the Taipan) and entered the log. Later his promised wife was out hunting with her mother, carrying their fire stick, digging sticks and dilly bags. Birds called manjmanj began to call, drawing their attention to the log and causing them to think that game was hidden inside. They both put their hands into the log looking for bush tucker so Yirrbardbard the snake bit both women and they died.

ARTIST  Thompson Yulidjirri


Size 76 x 56 Etching 8/99
Medium Etching
Catalogue # 2877958

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