Billabong Scene (with Kinga)
Billabong Scene (with Kinga)


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The artist has painted various edible fish and reptiles found in the billabongs, watercourses and wetlands that occur throughout Arnhem Land in the ‘Top End’ of Australia. The kinga (saltwater or estuarine crocodile) is a highly respected and feared animal that has significance as a food source and a totem to many Aboriginal people in western Arnhem Land. Although the kinga has a fearsome reputation its main diet is fish: namarnkol (barramundi), the renowned game fish, kuluybirr (saratoga) and borokko (water python).

Nawu artis bimbom kore djurra nawern anwu mayh kore Top End Arnhem Land.Nawu kinga birringuni bu korroko mayh ngadberre dja bolkkime larrk.Djang kahdjangdi kore kubolkwern kunred ngadberre.Kinga nakka nabang bu kanbun kanbaye karridowen kankukngun.Kingakangun djenj namarnkol nawu nakuken djenj ngadberre dja kuluybirr dja borloko.Dja mak nawern nawu mayh nawu kabun yika kukkerrnge dja nawu nud kanudmen.

ARTIST  Brenton Nayinggul


Size 41 x 61 cm
Catalogue # 82231873

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