Mimih Spirit Hunting
Mimih Spirit Hunting


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The artist has painted a Mimih spirit hunting. According to the Kunwinjku people of western Arnhem Land, Mimihs were the original spirit beings and taught Aboriginal people many of the skills they needed to survive in the bush along with ceremonies, dance and song. These spirits continue to live in rocks, trees and caves but are rarely seen by humans. They are frequently seen in the rock art of Arnhem Land as small, dynamic figures. They are usually shown with hunting weapons such as spears, woomeras, stone axes and digging sticks. Also often depicted are some of the spoils of the day – kangaroo, file snake, long yams, cheeky yams, and bush potato.

ARTIST  John Lemibanda


Size 36 x 12cm
Medium Acrylic on Bark
Catalogue # 82273736

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