Mayhmayh (Bird)
Mayhmayh (Bird)


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This striking work indulges one of Graham Badari’s obsessions – mayhmayh (birds) of all kinds, their characters and behaviour. In this unique work a Kernalk (Ibis) on the left and a Djilikuybirr (Whistle Duck) on the right form the centrepiece of a billabong scene. Small waterbirds can be seen balancing on water lilies.

Every year around Bankerreng and Yekke (the season of the last storms, and the early dry), you can see lots of birds catching fish in the billabongs of Arnhem Land. In the Wet Season the fish are still young, but as the Wet Season draws to a close they get fat enough to eat.

ARTIST  Lance Djumbala


Size 39.5 x 5 cm
Medium Wood
Catalogue # 2854175

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