Djerrh (Dilly Bag)
Djerrh (Dilly Bag)


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Djerrh is the Kunwinjku term for a traditional fibre bag. These have been made in Arnhem Land since long before there were collectors for them, and they are featured in rock art throughout the region. More specifically, conical baskets usually made from pandanus are known as bulbbe, while djerrh usually refers to a looped and knotted string bag. These are usually made from the inner bark of manbudbud, the kurrajong tree, manbornde, the banyan, or the leaves of marrabbi, the sand palm. Loosely twined baskets could be used to soak the toxins from cycad nuts or cheeky yams, while tightly twined ones were used to carry things such as bush honey. String bags carried possessions and food. Both these items, in different forms, play important roles in ceremony.

Nawu djerrh nakka nayahwurd kabirrimarnbun Djerrh kabirrimarnbun nayahwurd nakimuk kaluk kukkuyeng; Djerrh korroko birrimarnbuni manmekenh bu birriwarlbuni nawu morlehmorlenj wanjh namekke djerrh birrikani Karrbarda birridahkendongi Mankinjdjek Mankongkong Mankodjbang manwern manbu manme birridahkendongi nawu djerrh. Dja nawu nabuyika nawu djerrh kabirringeybun Mardayin djerrh nawu Wongkorr nawu bininj kamangikan kore kukom nuye nakka wanjh wongkorr kangeyo nawu kunmadj mardayin karrahkendi kore djerrh. Mardayin nawu djerrh bokenh Yirridjdja dja Duwa daluk yawkyawk wurdwurd minj kabirrikilekme nakka Djerrh Mardayin Wongkorr nadjamun.

ARTIST  Djibigula Djayhgurrnga


Size 23x10cm
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