Bardayal Bim Folio Edition Set
Bardayal Bim Folio Edition Set


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This exclusive set features 10 limited edition prints by the renowned artist Wamud Namok Bardayal, also known as ‘Lofty’ Nadjamerrel AO (1926-2009). Celebrated as the last practitioner of traditional rock art, Wamud’s work captures a rich cultural heritage and timeless artistry.

Each print has been meticulously etched by Andrew Sinclair, ensuring a high-quality representation of Wamud’s unique style.

Prints Included:

  • Kalawan
  • Daluk Dja Binninj
  • Mankung Dans Daluk
  • Korlobbarr Djang
  • Kunbid Nuye
  • Kinga & Namarnkol
  • Narbalek
  • Nayayungi
  • Yawk Yawk
  • Namarnde

Please note: Prints in this set are marked with an X in pencil at the bottom corner (approximately 2 x 2 cm). This is reflected in the discounted price.


ARTIST  Lofty Nadjamerrek


Size 57 x 75cm Folio Edition 8/30
Medium Etching
Catalogue # 2877934

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