Benuk (Bush Turkey)
Benuk (Bush Turkey)


Benuk (Bush Turkey) is a bird which lives in the forest and on the flood plain, which we eat. In the old days, the Old People didn’t give us any bush turkey to eat though. They used to tell us we don’t eat this bird, it’s taboo because it’s part of the Mardayin ceremony. There is a Bush Turkey Dreaming site to the west of Gunbalanya, where the Two Dogs came from. The place is called Benukkadjang, which means Bush Turkey Dreaming. The Two Dogs came over eastward from there, looking for water. They found some water and drank it, and they named the place Duruk Benengadbom, which means “two dogs dug a well”.

Benuk ngalka mayh yerrih bu ngarringun benuk karrinan kore manberrk kawake dja kabbal warridj. Korroko nawu dabborrabbolk minj ngandiwoyinj ngalbu benuk bu ngarringuyinj. Ngandimarneyimi ngahli mayh benuk minj ngurringun ngaldjamun. Benuk kakarrekan ceremony manbu Mardayin. Nawu benuk kadjangdi kore Karrikad kore duruk bokenh benemdolkkang benemwam kunred kabolkngeyo Benukkadjang. Duruk bokenh benemdolkkang benemwam Koyek benehboyawani kuku wanjh benebongalkeng kuku benebonguneng benebolkngeykurrmeng Duruk Benengadbom kabolkngeyo.

(Text: Andrew Manakgu)

Size 41 x 61 cm | Medium Paper | Catalogue # 1394-22 | Year 2022

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Artist  Graham Badari

Graham Badari’s country is Maburrinj, in the rocky escarpment country about 120 kilometres east of Gunbalanya. He draws artistic inspiration from this environment and also paints the Dreamings of his Mother Country, Djurlka, where he spent time as a young man near the outstation of Marmardawerre. He was raised by the renowned artist Djawida Nadjongorle, but like many of the artists at Gunbalanya credits the late Thompson Yulidjirri as his greatest artistic influence. From these senior men, Badari learnt the fluid and dynamic figurative style that defines Kunwinjku painting at Injalak Arts. He began painting sporadically around 1990, but has since become part of a group of dedicated and innovative artists at Gunbalanya. His paintings show the influence of the visual language of their rock-art heritage, while remaining committed to artistic innovation. It is this beguiling balance of tensions, innovation and tradition, ancient and modern, beauty and terror, that energises Badari’s paintings.


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Size 41 x 61 cm
Medium  Paper
Catalogue # 1394-22
Year 2022