Billabong Scene
Billabong Scene


The artist has painted various edible fish and reptiles found in the billabongs, watercourses and wetlands that occur throughout Arnhem Land in the ‘Top End’ of Australia. These include Namarnkol (Barramundi), Namarddakka (Nail Fish), Kuluybirr (Saratoga), Kedjebe (File Snake) and Burarr (Water Goanna). Size 41 x 61 cm; acrylic on arches paper | Medium Paper | Catalogue # 1-22 | Year 2022

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Artist  Selina Nadjowh

Selina Nadjowh joined Injalak Arts in 1999 and is employed as an artsworker helping to run the art centre business Selina Nadjowh is the daughter of Audrey Badari and Timothy Nadjowh.

Selina Nadjowh is an accomplished weaver and painter, known for delicate and finely balanced compositions and the formal beauty of her work. Screen printed fabrics and t-shirts carrying her designs are the top selling fabric products at Injalak Arts. Her weavings are also featured in “Twined Together” (2006) the definitive book on weaving in West Arnhem Land.

Both Lynne and her sister Selina were selected with 8 other prominent artists to create a design for an Injalak skateboard series, and have painted various murals at the Injalak Art Centre. Her work is featured in the pandanus weaving monograph Twined Together, 2006.

In May 2016 Selina represented Injalak Arts at the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts in Guam with her sister, husband and brother-in-law. They were part of the Australian delegation and made up one of the 27 pacific island nations and territories that participated. 

Selina has been nominated for the National Indigenous Fashion Awards 2020 for Textile Design award & Special Recognition award.
In 2021 her textile designs will be exhibited at the Fowler Museum in USA and Bendigo Art gallery, Australia. Selina will participate in a National Touring exhibition dedicated to Australian Textile Design opening at the Jam Factory.


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Size 41 x 61 cm; acrylic on arches paper
Medium  Paper
Catalogue # 1-22
Year 2022