Bonbon (Cormorant)
Bonbon (Cormorant)


“Bonbon” is our name for two different birds. One has black feathers and a white chest, and the other is just black (the Little Pied Cormorant, Microcarbo melanoleucos, and the Little Black Cormorant, Phalancrocorax sulcirostris). We eat both of them. We see lots of them on the banks of billabongs and rivers. Bonbon eat small freshwater fish, like marrngunj (baby Nailfish, or Eel-tailed Catfish), burd (freshwater bream) and djakolk (Purple Spotted Gudgeon). We see lots of them in the water, washing themselves and diving under the water to find fish. They spear the fish with their beaks, then they eat them.

Ngalbu bonbon ngarringeybun bokenh mayhmayh ngalkudji ngalmudburlerri dja ngalberrekalkbele ngalbuyika ngaldjalmudbulerri. Bokenh mayhmayh ngarringun karrbenmirndenan kabirrimirndeni kore kukadjid kukku. Bonbon kabirringun djenj nawu kilekilelh yiman marrngunj burd djakolk nawern nawu djenj kare kore kukku kubowinjku. Karrbennan birriwern kore kukku kabirridjuhmiyindi kabirridimhme kanjdji kore kukku kabirriyawan djenj kabirridanjbun kundang bedberre wanjh kabirringun.

Size 58 x 6 cm | Medium Carving | Catalogue # 1382-23 | Year 2023

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Artist  Josephine Maralngurra

Josephine Maralngurra is the daughter of Doris and Sandy Nayulhmanj Nadjongorle.Josephine Maralngurra is married to Terry Maralngurra.Esther Manakgu and Miriam Nganjmirra taught her to do fibre work.Her sister Rita is also a fibre artist.She works at Demed in Gunbalanya.(From Twined Together)


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Size 58 x 6 cm
Medium  Carving
Catalogue # 1382-23
Year 2023