Fish Trap
Fish Trap


The artist has painted a dreaming story from his country of Bopilinymarr, east of the Cadell River, in Central Arnhem Land. The story was told to Banggala by his grandfather when he was a young lad, living on Croker Island. The old man showed Banggala how to make the fish trap using a special type of grass called munbalarr. It is the same grass that artists still use today to paint rarrk or cross-hatching designs on their work. The fish traps were placed in creeks, channels and river mouths, catching fish such as barramundi, mullet, bream and catfish.

Nawu artist bimbom bim djang kore kunred nuye kabolkngeyo Bopilinymarr Koyek Cadell River kore Central Arnhem Land.Nawu djang bimarneyolyolmeng namawahmiken nawu mawah kabihyime bu nayawurrinjni ningihni kore Croker Island.Nawu nakohbanj bibukkang Banggala bu marnbom mandjabu kundalk mey manbu kangeyo Manbalarr karohrok manbu kabirrihbimbun kore dolobbo kabirrikurrme rarrk bu bolkkime Manbu mandjabu birrikurrmi kore mankabo kumbongimi wanjh birrimangi nawern djenj yiman kayime namarnkol kuwalili burd dja manmakkawarri.

Size 66 x 34 cm | Medium Bark | Catalogue # 1256-23 | Year 2023

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Artist  Brendon Dirdi

Brendon Dirdi is the son of Elaine and Phillip Dirdi. He was taught to paint by his grandfather (mamam, mother’s father), the well known painter Thompson Yulidjirri. 
Brendon has an affinity with digital media, and has worked on the Community Stories database and with photography drones as part of an NT Libraries project at Injalak Arts.
He has also worked for DEMED, the outstation resource centre in Gunbalanya, servicing and maintaining outstations in the West Arnhem area. His country is Kubarledjawuy, on the Liverpool River near Mumeka, and his mother’s country is Namardankardayi near Kabbari.   


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Size 66 x 34 cm
Medium  Bark
Catalogue # 1256-23
Year 2023

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