Komorlo (Egret Story)
Komorlo (Egret Story)


In the Dreamtime, the two Ancestral Dogs Adjumarllarl and Omwarl came to Gunbalanya from the west, looking for water. They stayed here, and started digging a well. A little bit of water came out and made a small billabong, which we now call Arrmunbu. It lies in the middle of the town of Gunbalanya. There they spoke with Komorlo (the Egret) and Manimunak (the Magpie Goose). Komorlo said she would stay on the billabong and live there. And Manimunak said she would go up to the top of Arrkuluk hill and stay there. So they made their decision. Manimunak climbed to the top of Arrkuluk, and the two dogs kept on going, past Injalak Hill. But Komorlo decided to stay back where there was a billabong. So today we see lots of egrets on the billabong, standing and flying around and eating fish. Every wet season the rains fill up the billabong again, and we can see lots of egrets chasing small fish in the shallows, spearing them with their beaks.

Bu korroko duruk bokenh Adjumarllarl dja Omwarl benemwam karrikadbeh kukku benehboyawani. Wanjh benemwam benemyimowong kondah Koyek, benemwam benedanginj beneyerrkang benengadkaruy bobebmeng manboyahwurd kore kahlabbarl manlabbarlyahwurd bukka wanjh kabolkngeyo Arrmunbu manlabbarl. Kumekke wanjh komorlo dja manimunak birriwokdanj. Wanjh ngalbu komorlo yimeng ngaye wanjh kondah ngare ngani kore manlabbarlkimuk. Dja ngalbu manimunak yimeng ngaye mak kondah ngare kaddum Arrkkuluk ngani. Wanjh birriwokdanj birrimunkewerrinj manimunak bidbom kaddum Arrkkuluk dja bedman ngaldaluk dja narangem Adjumarllarl dja Omwarl benebalwam benebolkyurrhkeng Injalak. Dja ngalengman ngalbu komorlo yimeng ngaye wanjh kondah ngani kore kahlabbarl. Wanjh karrinan ngalwern ngalbu komorlo kore manlabbarlkimuk kani karrolkan kare djenj kayawan kangun. Dja karrinan ngalwern kore kabbal ngalbu komorlo kakadjung karranjbun kundang ngalengarre kangun nawu djenj kilekilelh bu kudjewk kukku kabokurrme kore kabbal.

Size 20 x 30 cm | Medium Paper | Catalogue # 2319-22 | Year 2022

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Artist  Meshak Nabegeyo

Meshak is one of Injalak’s emerging young artists. His works commonly feature freshwater subjects such as long necked turtle, barramundi, yawk yawk. Other common stories include the turtle and echidna story and occasionally bewk bewk.Meshak Nabekeyo is the son of Robyn Nawirridj and Mugudu Nabegeyo.


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Size 20 x 30 cm
Medium  Paper
Catalogue # 2319-22
Year 2022