Kunkurra Djang (Wind Dreaming)
Kunkurra Djang (Wind Dreaming)


The artist has painted Kunkurra Djang (Wind Dreaming) from his country in the Kardbam clan estates near the Liverpool River in West Arnhem Land. The artist uses intense, intricate but flowing line work to show the movement of wind. The painting relays the powerful winds that are generated in this region particularly in the monsoonal wet season from November.
Kunkurra also refers to a site called Bilwoyinj, near Mankorlod, which is the artists clan estate. Here, Nakorrko, father and son creator beings, resided. Nakorrko hunted and ate goanna. Some of the goanna fat they left behind transformed into a sacred rock that can still be seen today. Bilwoyinj refers to goanna fat but is also a sacred ground for the Yabburdurrwa ceremony. It is an important ceremony that includes initiation, landownership and the cyclical regeneration of the human and natural worlds.

Nawu artist bimbom kore djurra kangeyo Kukurra Djang.kore Kardbam Nguya kunred.darnkih Liverpool River kore West Arnhem Land.kunkurra mak kahdjangdi kore Bilwoyinj darnkih Mankolod.kore artist nuye kunred.Nakorrko kornkumo dja beywurd nawu beneyungki bininj.Nakorrko benewarlbuni kalawan benebuni benenguni kunbalem benebawoni yerre wanjh djang marnburreni.dja marnbom kubolkdjamun kore Bilwoyinj Mayh Ceremony Yabburdurrwa dja Walk bininjwi ngadberre.

Size 21 x 31 cm | Medium Paper | Catalogue # 1527-22 | Year 2022

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Artist  Camellia Lindjewanga Namundja

Camellia Namundja was born in the bush and grew up in Maningrida. She was shown how to weave by her grandmother, Mondridj Ngalkamarrang when she was about ten years old. Her father John Namundja was also a bark painter. She lives in Maningrida and often travels to Gunbalanya. 


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Size 21 x 31 cm
Medium  Paper
Catalogue # 1527-22
Year 2022