Mandem (Water Lily)
Mandem (Water Lily)


Women and girls in Gunbalanya used to go down to the billabong, wade into the water and gather mandem (water lily roots), manbardmo (water lily stems and flowers) and barrdjungka (water lily seeds). Then they would go up the hill and gather firewood. They would cook the roots and seeds in the ashes or coals of the fire, share them around and eat them. We eat the seeds raw or cooked, but the stems are eaten raw. Water Lilies (Nymphaea sp.) are found in bodies of water all through Western Arnhem Land. The seed heads form when the flowers fall under the water, and are also food for magpie geese and whistle ducks. The seeds are ripe in Yekke, the cool season around May-June.

Korroko bu kondah Kunbarllanjnja kunred morlehmorlenj (daluk) dja yawkyawk birrirey kore manlabbarlkimuk birridjuhme birrimangi mandem barrdjungka dja manbardmo wanjh birriyibidbuni karrkad birrirerrngmangi kunrerrng birriworrhmi wanjh birrikinjeyi kore kuwilk dja yika kore kuyirrke wanjh ngandiwoni ngarringuni. Mandu barrdjungka makka ngarrignun mankuk yika mandjoleng. (Text: Andrew Manakgu)

Size 41 x 61 cm | Medium Paper | Catalogue # 2040-22 | Year 2022

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Artist  Jabis Nganjmirra

Jabis Nganjmirra is the son of the late prominent artist Robin Nganjmirra and the late weaver Clara Nganjmirra, née Djorlom. He is quickly developing a reputation as one of the up-and-coming artists of Injalak Arts. 
His paintings are known for their strong design qualities, balancing a sense of overall pattern with subtle asymmetries which enhance their overall composition. His linework is precise and confident, often combining parallel rarrk (hatching) with crosshatching for visual effect. Jabis Nganjmirra gravitates towards water scenes, which suit his flowing style and reflect his freshwater heritage and Kunwinjku fishing and hunting traditions. With their abundance of overlapping and intertwined billabong life, often in the West Arnhem “x-ray” style, his paintings are sometimes reminiscent of the rock art of Injalak Hill. However he paints a broad range of subjects, including his Dreaming of Yawkyawk or female water spirit from his country at Marlwon.
He is part of a younger generation of artists at Injalak including Ezariah Kelly, Joey Nganjmirra and Allan Namaniyuo whose works are characterised by visual innovation and a strong aesthetic sense. Their style is well suited to the acrylic on paper medium they favour, however all also produce striking works with ochre and bark.


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Size 41 x 61 cm
Medium  Paper
Catalogue # 2040-22
Year 2022