Mannguy (flower)
Mannguy (flower)


We see many flowers on trees and we get food from some of these. When we are in the bush and we see a honey bee eating from flowers, then we know it is making honey. Some trees, when we see them flowering, tell us that kangaroos are fattening up, such as when the yellow kapok tree flowers. We see many trees flowering, and lots of birds and insects eat their nectar. When women see the water lilies in flower they say “ok, the stalk and roots are ready for eating”.

Manbu mannguy ngarriyime mandjalwern mannguy kore kundulk kanguybun dja manme manbu ngarringun.Bu manberrk ngarrire ngarrinan mankung bod kahnguyngun wanjh mankung kamarnbun.Yika kundulk ngarrinan kanguybun wanjh ngarriyime kunj kabalem bu manbu mandjedj kundulk kanguybun.Manwern manbu kundulk ngarrinan kanguybun wanjh mayhmayh kanguyngun.Manbardmo manguy kabirrinan nawu daluhdaluk wanjh kabirriyime bonj barrdjungka dja mandem marnbom.

Size 45 x 42 | Medium Fibre | Catalogue # 932-23 | Year 2023

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Artist  Kaye Namundja

Kaye Namundja is the daughter of Dianne Ginjmulu and Bob Wanurr Namundja Skin Ngalkamarrang Ngalkardbam moiety Yirridjdja Country Mankolod Kaye Namundja comes from an artistic family.Her father Bob Namundja is a senior painter and her mother is a fibre artist.Her most recent work is on unusual scallop-shaped mat.(From Twined Together).


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Size 45 x 42
Medium  Fibre
Catalogue # 932-23
Year 2023

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