Mimih Spirits (Bininj Story)
Mimih Spirits (Bininj Story)


Mimih spirits are a bit like us Bininj people, but they live in caves in the Stone Country. The old people used to tell us about them. When it’s very windy, they don’t go outside. Mimih spirits have nadjinem (black wallaroos) as pets. They go out hunting at night, when there’s no wind. Mimih Spirits taught us the dances and the songs we know, and also how to hunt kangaroos and emus. They also taught us the right way to cut up and cook these animals. The Nayuhyungki (First People) were shown these things by the Mimih Spirits.

Nawu Mimih nakka yiman ngad bininj djaying, dja bedman djal kuwarde kuwarderurrk kabirriyo. Nawu dabborrabbolk ngandimarneyolyolmeng. Bu kunmayorrkkimuk manbu kunmayorrk kamre mimih minj kabirribebme kuberrk kabirridi kabirridjalni kururrk kuwarde. Nawu kunj kukburlerri Nadjinem nakka djaying duruk nuye. Mimih kabirribebme bu kukak kabirriwarlbun bu kunmayorrk yak mayh kabirriyawan. Mimih kandibukkang kunborrk manbu karriwayini dja karriborrkke dja mayh kandibukkang kunj kurdukadji bu karriwilkdeng karridjobdjobke nakka wanjh Nayuhyungki Mimih kandibukkang.

Size 41 x 61 cm | Medium Paper | Catalogue # 773-23 | Year 2023

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Artist  Lorraine Namarnyilk

Lorraine Namarnyilk is a highly talented and respected artist whose work reflects both her connection to her mother country and the teachings passed down to her by her esteemed artist grandfather, Wamud ‘Lofty’ Nadjamerrek.

Born to Lois Nadjamerrek and Brian Namarnyilk, Lorraine spent many years as a Daluk ranger caring for her mother country at the remote outstation of Kabulwarnamyo in western Arnhem Land, which was established by her grandfather. It was during this time that Lorraine honed her artistic skills under her grandfather’s guidance, learning how to paint and discovering the many important stories that underpin her art.

Since moving to Gunbalanya, Lorraine has become an integral part of the artistic community at Injalak Arts, where she has distinguished herself as a brilliant screen printer, a highly original painter, and a cherished arts worker. Her work is a testament to her deep connection to her culture and her commitment to preserving the stories and traditions of her people.

Lorraine’s art is characterised by bold colours, intricate patterns, and a deep reverence for the natural world. Her paintings and prints often depict the animals and landscapes of her mother country, evoking a sense of awe and wonder at the beauty of the natural world.


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Size 41 x 61 cm
Medium  Paper
Catalogue # 773-23
Year 2023