Namardaka (Eel-tailed Catfish)
Namardaka (Eel-tailed Catfish)


Namardaka (Eel-tailed catfish, Nilosilurus spp.) is a good eating fish. It is a valued food for Bininj (Aboriginal people) around Gunbalanya. People call small specimens of the species “marrngunj”. They are a dark grey colour, with a long, eel-like body and strong barbels which have given them their alternative English name, “nailfish”. Namardaka live in fresh water. There are lots of them in Red Lily Billabong between Gunbalanya and Cahill’s Crossing. Women often go there and catch them with hand lines.

Nawu namardaka nakka djenj namak bu ngarringun nawu ngad bininj ngarrikukburlerri. Nawu marrngunj nakka nayahwurd dja nawu namardaka nakka nakimuk burlerri. Namardaka kare kore kubowinjku kukku mankabo. Kore Red Lily manlabbarlkimuk kumekke nawern nawu namardaka. Daluhdaluk kabirrire wakkidj kabirriwe kabirrimang nawu namardaka.

Size 21 x 61 cm | Medium Paper | Catalogue # 1451-23 | Year 2023

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Artist  Joey Nganjmirra

Joey Nganjmirra is a storyteller, dancer and cultural ambassador. Amongst the younger generation in Gunbalanya, he is one of those who have taken on the task of carrying on the Stories.
Many of his works are driven by narrative, with figures in different stages of a story compressed into a single scene. Others include strong graphic forms, often overlayed and woven into complex designs. His works are primarily figurative, but the interlocking figures sometimes tend towards abstraction and he also produces abstract works based on ceremonial patterns. A look through his works reveals a broad range of stories and original compositions rivalled by few other artists at Injalak.
His Mamam (maternal grandfather) Mirndabal Manakgu was from Mangardubu, and he has many stories from this area north of Gunbalanya such as Wulwunj.
Joey Nganjmirra is part of a rich artistic family (Nganjmirra) and clan group (Djalama). He is a member of the Karrbarda dance troupe which often performs at festivals as well as local ceremonies. He is the son of Rachael Manakgu and Steven Nganjmirra. 


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Size 21 x 61 cm
Medium  Paper
Catalogue # 1451-23
Year 2023