Namarddakka (Nail Fish)
Namarddakka (Nail Fish)


The artist has painted a freshwater scene showing namarddakka, or nail fish. Nailfish have strong spine-like protrusions resembling nails that have given it its name. It can be found in the billabongs and streams of Arnhem Land and is popular bush tucker.

Size 56 x 20 cm | Medium Bark | Catalogue # 894-23 | Year 2023

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Artist  Sprotin Bangarr

Sprotin is a young man, an emerging artist and screen printer. He is employed by Injalak to print and gather, prepare natural painting materials such as stringy bark and ochres. Sprotin is also engaged in the Media Unit and takes photographs and videos for projects.


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Size 56 x 20 cm
Medium  Bark
Catalogue # 894-23
Year 2023