Namarnde dja Ngardbakan (Devil Spirit and Mud Mussel Story)
Namarnde dja Ngardbakan (Devil Spirit and Mud Mussel Story)


This story comes from Kungarnba, King River country. The area is well known for its saltwater mussels – ngardbakan in Kunwinjku. The place is sacred and protected by Namarnde, a devil-like spirit who will kill people who take the ngardbakan from there.
One day a bininj (Aboriginal) family travelled to Kungarnba and came across the mussels. Feeling hungry, they set about collecting them in their dilly bags. The painting depicts them with their digging sticks than the bounty of mussels. One of them tried to open a mussel by cracking them together twice. The sound woke Namarnde who was furious and appeared with his club to stop the family. In terror the bininj dropped the ngardbakan and fled.

Nawu story Namarnde dja Ngardbakan birribimbom nakka wanjh kore ngarduk kunred Kubirdbu kore namarnde kahdjangdi kabolkngeyo Manjaberleberlerre Mangun (Kunmarung) kunwok Mardbalk (Warruwi) birribolkngeykuirrmeng dja ngaye ngayime Kunwinjku ngarduk kunred Namarnde Djang.Kubirdbu kunred ngarduk Kubolkmandjurlngunj Mandjurlngunj country Manakgu.Dja nahni kayolyolme kore Kungarnba buka mak kubolkmandjurlngunj yerrih Nawamud Namandjurlngunj Mirndabal dja ngaye nakornkumo ngarduk benehngeyyoy Mirndabal Manakgu Manekke ngarduk kunred kabalre kangurdme kuburldjarn wanjh kabalre Kungardba King River.Dja ngalengman manberrk kabalre Kakbi north kore ngarduk kunred Kubirdbu kore Namarnde Djang kahdjangdi.Wanjh kamdurndeng kondah kore mankabo Mangardubu Coopers Creek.ngarduk kunred kubolkmandurlngunj ngadberre kunred nawu korlonjh ngabenhyime dja nawu mawah ngabehyime ngadberre kunred Mangardubu dja Kubirdbu Manadjurlngunj Manakgu Country (Andrew Gawaradji Manakgu)

Size 11 x 69 cm | Medium Bark | Catalogue # 2587-17 | Year 2017

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Artist  Geoffrey Nabegeyo

Geoffrey Nabegeyo’s country is Mandilbareng and many of his paintings relate to djang (ancestral stories) from this area. He is the son of Peggy and Bilinjarra Nabegeyo. 

Geoffrey is an accomplished artist and a great story teller. When he is not painting he can often be found showing visitors around Injalak Arts. Geoffrey’s personable character ensures that visitors to the art centre are treated to informative and entertaining tours, learning about screenprinting, painting and weaving.



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Size 11 x 69 cm
Medium  Bark
Catalogue # 2587-17
Year 2017