Namarnde Spirit
Namarnde Spirit


This is a Dreaming from Kunburray, owned by the Dulmangkarr clan. The Namarnde Spirit lives in a dead tree in the stone country, at a place called Kudjaborrng. Another place, Djabel Djang, is just below this. A mimih noticed that the Namarnde was following him, for the whole day. As it became dark, the Namarnde came up close to the mimih and used his power to confuse him, then attacked him. Then the Namarnde returned to the tree, and the mimih returned to the rocks where it lived. The tree is still there today. People don’t go close, otherwise the Namarnde will attack them.

Size 76 x 25.5 cm | Medium Paper | Catalogue # 3259-14 | Year 2014

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Artist  Nelson Nayilibidj

Nelson Nayilibidj is named after his grandfather (mawah, father’s father), Nelson Maldjiwa Nayilibidj. His work is striking in its originality and experimentation with rarrk patterns, forms, washes and composition. Nayilibidj usually prefers working with natural ochres, and often chooses unusual natural pigments such as lemon yellow which are not often used by others. He also produces bold acrylic compositions on paper. 
He often paints the Dreamings and animals from his homeland of Kunburrayi, in the Stone Country downstream from Kabulwarnamyo.  


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Size 76 x 25.5 cm
Medium  Paper
Catalogue # 3259-14
Year 2014