Namarnkol (Barramundi)
Namarnkol (Barramundi)


Namarnkol, the barramundi, is a very important fish for us Bininj (Aboriginal people). Namarnkol are found in the ocean, in floodwaters, and in freshwater billabongs, rivers and creeks. In the old days, people used to spear them with djalakirradj (three-pronged fish spears) and walabi (traditional triangular nets). Nowadays, we catch them with fishing lines and modern nets. Namarnkol are most easily caught from the end of the monsoon (March -April) until the humid “build up” season (October-November). There are sites in lots of clan countries where the ancestral Barramundi placed itself as a Dreaming. Men and women will say “My Dreaming is Barramundi, it placed itself in my country”.

Nawu Namarnkol djenj nakka wanjh nadjalkuken djenj ngadberre nawu ngarrikukburlerri dja birrikukbele. Namarnkol kare kore kurrula yika kabirriyime kore mibokala dja kukku kubowinjku kore mankabo manlabbarl manwanjdjad. Bu korroko birridanjbuni djalakkiradj dja walabi birrimangi. Dja bolkkime wanjh wakkidj karrimang dja balandakenh nawu walabi. Namarkol djang kadjangdi kore kubolkwarlah kunred bedberre kore namarnkol djangkurrmerrinj bu korroko duninjh. Wanjh nawu bininj dja daluk kayime ngaye djang ngarduk namarnkol djangkurrmerrinj kore kunred ngarduk.

Size 41 x 61 cm; ochre on arches paper | Medium Paper | Catalogue # 101-20 | Year 2020

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Artist  Maath Maralngurra

As a young man Maath lived and worked at Kabulwarnamyo, his mothers country, where he was involved in the Wardekken Ranger group which plays an integral role in the management of country in Western Arnhem Land. This intimate experience of country and the natural world is reflected in his work, which continues and develops the tradition of his late grandfather, Lofty Bardayal Nadjamerrek.

In 2009 he was part of a group exhibition titled ’30 Under 30: A New Generation of Indigenous Art’ at Indigenart in Melbourne and Subiaco. In December 2010 he was commissioned to paint a wall painting for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney as part of exhibition Bardayal Nadjamerrek AO (along with other members of his family).

Maath’s style combines bold shapes with extremely fine rarrk (hatching). His style is instantly recognisable, while still firmly within the rock art tradition that his country of Kabulwarnamyo is famous for. 


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Size 41 x 61 cm; ochre on arches paper
Medium  Paper
Catalogue # 101-20
Year 2020