Namorrordo Spirit
Namorrordo Spirit


Namorrordo beings are devil-like men who inhabited Arnhem Land during the Dreamtime. They are still present at night in the bush. Kunwinjku people believe Namorrordo can steal the spirits of their dead if they are not laid to rest in the culturally appropriate way. Sometimes when a man or women is sick Namorrordo being a cheeky spirit will steal their body and take them far away to steal their soul. If the person is a sick man he will kill him straight away but if it is a women he will keep her for the night then kill her in the early morning before the sun rises. Namorrordo is shown with his fighting club. When he has taken the soul from the sick man he removes his lungs and blows them up to an enormous size. With his fighting club he hits the lungs to make it burst and the sound is so loud it sounds like nearby thunder. It is said that Namorrodo traverses the sky in the form of a shooting star, looking for souls to steal.

Nawu Namorrordo nakka bininj yiman ngad.dja kuknamarnde kukak karrinan kabirikan kunak kare kabenmalngmang nawu kabirrihdowen yika nawu bininj yika daluk kabirridulkkiyo kabirridowen Namorrordo kamre kabenngolekdurrkmang kumalng kakan djarreh kumekke kabenmalngmang.Nawu bininj karrowen nakka wanjh kabibun werrkwerrk.dja ngalbu daluk karrowen ngalkka kabikan kabikukyiyo kunkodjkekudji wanjh djarreh kamhbarrhbun kunekke kabibun.Bimbom namorrordo kahbimdi kore djurra kahkarrme nuye kundulk Miyarrul.manbu kanbun kunmalng kadberre bu karribekkan kukak.Namorrordo karrinan kukak kunak kabirlikan yiman mankokkarr.kunmalng kayawan kanmalngmang madberre nawu karrihdulkkiyo dja nawu karridowen.

Size 35 x 61 cm | Medium Paper | Catalogue # 1903-21 | Year 2021

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Artist  Shaun Namarnyilk

Shaun Namarnyilk is the son of Rita Nadjongorle and Bundy Namarnyilk. Shaun is an experienced artist, tour guide, musician and storyteller. His aesthetic continues to develop, drawing on the ancient rock art stories and styles of Injalak Hill and other rock art sites around Western Arnhem Land. Shaun has also worked as a ranger. While caring for country as a ranger Shaun has had access to many remote and inaccessible rock art sites that few people have had the privilege of visiting in thousands of years. Shaun is inspired by the ancient knowledge and aesthetics of his ancestors to create remarkable contemporary paintings that span subjects from traditional knowledge and sacred spirit beings to current affairs like the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the community of Gunbalanya, as well as the diverse challenges and benefits that living in a remote community presents. Shaun mixes coloured pigments and ochres to create backgrounds which reflect the surface of the rock itself. He is developing the West Arnhem ‘x-ray style’ technique, leaving his canvas out in the rain and continues to build layers, giving his artworks the appearance of the ancient rock art.

One of his grandfather’s is Djawida Nadjongorle, and other one is Spider Namirrikki, along with Jimmy Namarnyilk.

Shaun has previously worked as a ranger, caring for the Stone Country of West Arnhem Land.


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Size 35 x 61 cm
Medium  Paper
Catalogue # 1903-21
Year 2021