Nawaran (Oenpelli Python)
Nawaran (Oenpelli Python)


Don has painted Nawaran, the Oenpelli Python (Morelia oenpelliensis). Nawaran is a rare snake that is only found in the Oenpelli region. Non-indigenous Australians first discovered it in the 1970’s. It is greyish in colour with distinctive marking making it easy to identify. The nawaran is a non-venomous snake that can grow to massive lengths. It is able to dislocate its jaws enabling it to swallow prey larger than themselves. These reptiles are nocturnal, feeding on a variety of animals as well as the eggs of brolga.

Nawu Nawaran nakka nakimuk nakuyeng nayin.nawu kayo kore kuwarde kubolkwern kured.Nawaran kabun kunj kuwardewaken kani yiman nabarlek badbong djukerre nadjinem.Kukku kabongun kore kuwarde manbu mandjewk kabokurrme dja manbu ngalengman njilhmi kayokaborlobme.Nawaran kare kayo kore kuwardehwarde minj kakolung kabbal larrk nawaran kayo kuwarde nungan nakka nayin kuwardewaken kadjalyo kuwarde.

Size 61 x 41 cm | Medium Paper | Catalogue # 4824-16 | Year 2016

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Artist  Don Nakidilinj Namundja

Don is one of Western Arnhem Land’s most senior and respected artists. Don fondly remembers painting in the stone country with some of its most recognized artists including Bardayal ‘Lofty’ Nadjamerrek and Kalarriya ‘Jimmy’ Namarnyilk.

Don had his first solo exhibition in 2004. Nicholas Rothwell wrote in the Australian, “By any standards this debut exhibition is worthy of sustained attention in the national media.” The freshness of Don’s paintings prompted the National Gallery of Australia to acquire two works from the RAFT Artspace in Darwin. He was selected for the prestigious National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards in Darwin in 2003, 2005, 2006 and more recently in 2014.

Don lives in Gunbanya (Oenpelli) in Western Arnhem Land and can often be found painting under the verandah at Injalak Arts.


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Size 61 x 41 cm
Medium  Paper
Catalogue # 4824-16
Year 2016