Ngalbulbunay Djang (Sugarbag Dreaming)
Ngalbulbunay Djang (Sugarbag Dreaming)


This painting depicts a sugarbag man from country east of the Mann River. The people were living in the area when Wak, the black crow, became angry that they were stealing his country so cut them in half with a stone axe. They became mankung or sugarbag, the honey of native bees that is found in hives in tree hollows. The bees do not sting and if it can be found, mankung is delicious. The wax is used for a number of purposes including sealing the mouthpieces of didjiridus.

Nahni kayolyolme nawu bininj mankung kore Koyek Mann River.Bininj birrihyoy kumekke kunred.Bu Wak yidduy mankung kenh birrihdjirdmangi nuye mankung mey karramalk bendjorrhdjobkeng rowk bedberre.Wanjh mankung birriyimerranj nawu karringalke kore kundulk.Nawu bod mankung minj kankurlahkinje bu kanbaye mankung namak manjmak.Dja nawu ngolin mankung nakka karrikurrme kore mako mandang kore karrihbuhme.

Size 51 x 76 cm | Medium Paper | Catalogue # 2187-22 | Year 2022

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Artist  Lorraine Namarnyilk

Lorraine Namarnyilk is a highly talented and respected artist whose work reflects both her connection to her mother country and the teachings passed down to her by her esteemed artist grandfather, Wamud ‘Lofty’ Nadjamerrek.

Born to Lois Nadjamerrek and Brian Namarnyilk, Lorraine spent many years as a Daluk ranger caring for her mother country at the remote outstation of Kabulwarnamyo in western Arnhem Land, which was established by her grandfather. It was during this time that Lorraine honed her artistic skills under her grandfather’s guidance, learning how to paint and discovering the many important stories that underpin her art.

Since moving to Gunbalanya, Lorraine has become an integral part of the artistic community at Injalak Arts, where she has distinguished herself as a brilliant screen printer, a highly original painter, and a cherished arts worker. Her work is a testament to her deep connection to her culture and her commitment to preserving the stories and traditions of her people.

Lorraine’s art is characterised by bold colours, intricate patterns, and a deep reverence for the natural world. Her paintings and prints often depict the animals and landscapes of her mother country, evoking a sense of awe and wonder at the beauty of the natural world.


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Size 51 x 76 cm
Medium  Paper
Catalogue # 2187-22
Year 2022