Ngalmangiyi Djang (Long-Necked Turtle Dreaming)
Ngalmangiyi Djang (Long-Necked Turtle Dreaming)


We find ngalmangiyi (Long Necked Turtles, Chelodina rugosa) in open areas like flood plains. Women will go out looking for “mim”, the small holes the turtles breathe through as they lie buried under the mud. In the old days, women would take a digging stick called “kunbarlkbu”, which they sharpened so it would penetrate the mud. Nowadays women fashion turtling sticks from old pieces of metal, which they sharpen and make wooden handles for. These are called “kubba” (from the English “crowbar”). If the stick makes a knocking sound when it goes into the mud, people know there is a turtle there. People take the turtles and cook them on the fire or in ground ovens, opening them up to eat them. The best times for hunting turtle are the six or so months after Kudjewk (the monsoon season) that occurs in the beginning of the year.
There is a Long-Necked Turtle Dreaming site at Makarlall billabong. Some of the Long-Necked Turtles there have 2 heads. The 2 headed Turtles have always been there. If you catch them you should put them back.

Size 30 x 13 cm | Medium Bark | Catalogue # 850-23 | Year 2023

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Artist  Tyrone Garnarradj

Tyrone Garnarradj is the son of Anita Nayinggul and Howard Badari. He is a young artist, but has already developed his own his precise and elegant style. He started at Injalak Arts only in 2014, but has already covered a wide range of subjects with creative zeal. 
Holds a Cert 1 in Tourism (Australian Indigenous Culture) from CDU (2012) and is a guide on the Guluyambi cultural cruise.


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Size 30 x 13 cm
Medium  Bark
Catalogue # 850-23
Year 2023