Ngalng Djang (Yabby Dreaming)
Ngalng Djang (Yabby Dreaming)


This work refers to an important Dreaming at Mankorlod, an outstation near the Liverpool River. The place is called Ngalng Djang (Yabby Dreaming). Designs referring to this Dreaming are used as body paint in every men’s ceremony that is held at Mankorlod. It is painted only on Yirridjdja moiety men, who own the dreaming. The dreaming site is on top of a nearby hill and often the ceremonies are held here. The Kunwinjku name for this particular ceremony is called Wardadjuma.
In the dry season, the water dries out and the yabbies (Cherax sp.) burrow into the mud. People used to see the holes in the mud and pick out the yabbies with their hands. They could be used for bait or eaten as tucker on their own. These holes are sometimes depicted as circles, and the burrows (runggal) extending from them as lines

Nahni bim bimbom kore djurra kayolyolme kunred nuye kore Mankolod Outstation.darnkih Liverpool River.kunred kabolkngeyo Ngalng Djang.Nawu djang kahdi kore kaddum mandulum.kaluk kumekke birrikarrmi Mayh ceremony kunwinjku kunwok kabirringeybun Wardadjuma.Bu Kurrung kaborrowen kabukmen manbu kukku wanjh nawu wakih kadudjerren kore kunkih mim kamarnbun kamimrurrkwon bininj kabirribirrkan kunbid bedberre wanjh kabirrimang nawu wakih kabirrikan kabirringun..

Size 29 x 17 cm | Medium Bark | Catalogue # 882-23 | Year 2023

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Artist  Sebastian Nagurrgurrba


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Size 29 x 17 cm
Medium  Bark
Catalogue # 882-23
Year 2023