Water Dreaming and Hollow Logs
Water Dreaming and Hollow Logs


The artist has painted a fresh water dreaming story from his home at Gutdanjidirra Station. The painting depicts flowing waters from the Cadel river which is represented on one end of the painting by several thin white lines. The red triangular lines going up and down are saying the water is flowing very fast, perhaps during the wet season. The white band across the width of the paper is the river banks. The seven protrusions coming out of the white band are hollow logs, which would have been the former homes of many water creatures such as fish, turtle, eel, catfish; all of which are significant in the artists’ paintings and stories.The white and red arches represent mans’ initiation scars, being the artists’ himself, who is the keeper of this dreaming.

Size 42 x 16 | Medium Bark | Catalogue # 1622-23 | Year 2023

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Artist  Carissa Gurwalwal

The Kunwinjku people have been using wood to create art for thousands of years, with each piece telling a unique story of their culture and traditions.

Using tools and techniques passed down through generations, our artists meticulously carve and etch designs into wood, creating stunning pieces that range from small, intricate panels to large, grand-scale installations.


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Size 42 x 16
Medium  Bark
Catalogue # 1622-23
Year 2023