Doreen Djorlom
Doreen Djorlom
Dreaming: Duwa
Clan: Mirradja
Date of Birth: 1971-02-07
Community: Oenpelli


Doreen Djorlom is the daughter of Shirley Nganjmirra and David Kelly. She is married to deceased painter Gary Djorlom, and they sometimes collaborate on bark paintings framed in coiled pandanus. Doreen learned fibre techniques from her mother Shirley Kelly and was taught painting by her father and by her husband. She has three children – Amanda, Christine and Leonard who are all emerging artists.Doreen was shortlisted for The Alice Prize 2020 Contemporary Art.
She is known for her inventive designs and patterns, and masters a range of forms including woven dilly bags and mats as well as coiled forms. She often works in strong colours with a confident stitch.  

(Source: Injalak Arts and Hamby, Louise, ‘Twined Together’, Injalak Arts and Crafts, 2005)

Doreen Djorlom

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