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    June 28, 2018
    This Saturday night - 30 June - will see us in Darwin for Get It On 2018 at Aboriginal Bush Traders Awards Night. The exhibition is installed and looks fantastic. The clothing is superb and already attracting a lot of interest. We are so thrilled that The Hon. Clare Martin has agreed to be MC for the evening. She's been a huge supporter of our fabric printing endeavours over the years. The #getiton2018 Awards Night starts at 6 pm and is already sold out. A big thank you to NT News for their feature article published today. They organised interviews with Virgil Nalorlman and Priscilla Badari. Provenance Arts is nearly ready to open. We hope to begin trading in early July and are almost ready to set a date for the official opening later in July. We're just talking diary dates with a Very Special Person who's also been a fan of Injalak Arts and especially our thongs. There has been SO MUCH going on behind the scenes. Darwin commuters have been watching the changes to the facade of the building with a fantastic new paint job, signage and decals on the windows facing Geranium Street. It has many people intrigued. We are getting inundated about inquiries about when it will open. Organising transport for 30+ people is interesting logistically. On Friday night 22 June - Provenance Arts was the venue for the launch of the The North Warlu Collection - more than 100 people got a sneak preview of the inside of the building, the sales desk, the kitchenette and the theatrette. We were ready by the skin of our teeth and with big gratitude to GT Builders. Meanwhile onsite at Injalak Arts we are starting to get lots of visitors and enjoying the cool dry season. Oh, and today we uploaded new stock - in our online shop have a look!

    June – A Very Busy Month

    June 10, 2018
    We're galloping into the dry season with a bunch of projects getting very close to realisation this month. The crowdfunding campaign for our Injalak Hill Rock Art Book finishes on 18.6. As of today we are nearly there with nearly 90% raised ... but we still need a bit of extra support to get it over the line. Get in quick to our Pozible page to pledge and choose some great rewards including the first edition of this lovely 42 page, full-color book packed with excellent information.  We LOVE our supporters. Meanwhile Provenance Arts at 55 Stuart Highway Darwin is starting to look very flash. The exterior paintwork is finished, the signage is up and the windows on Geranium Street have had a beautiful decal treatment and now feature fabric designs from Tiwi Design, Merrepen Arts and Injalak Arts. Everyone agrees the palette looks gorgeous. Fingers crossed we'll start trading before the end of June and will be having a flash official opening in July. We are thrilled that Chief Minister Michael Gunner has said he'd be delighted to open it if we can find a time in his diary. We'll do a feature post on Provenance Arts soon - it's a big concept that combines social enterprise, education, tourism and more. You can follow Provenance Arts on Instagram and facebook. To finish off the month we'll be opening Get It On! 2018 at Aboriginal Bush Traders on the Esplanade in Darwin on 30th June. The inaugural event last year was a HUGE success and this year we've got even more beautiful clothes made by creatives from all over Australia and a few internationals as well. We are so pleased that The Hon Clare Martin has agreed to be MC for the night. She has been a big supporter of our fabric printing activities over the years.  It's a free ticketed event - places are limited so make sure you get yours from the events page. Also follow the hashtag #getiton2018 to see it unfolding. The exhibition will be on display until end of August.

    Injalak Hill Rock Art Book – new crowdfunding campaign

    May 19, 2018
    We are the Aboriginal djungkay (custodians) of Injalak Hill - a very special place in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, with multiple rock shelters containing hundreds of priceless paintings made by our ancestors. We take small-group guided tours to Injalak Hill every dry season. Last week we launched a Pozible crowdfunding campaign to print a 42 page fully illustrated, color book about the rock art and history of Injalak Hill. The book is to share with everyone - visitors who will take tours of our Hill and those who have visited in the past and anyone else interested in Australia's Indigenous cultural legacy. With quality information and superb photos it will valued by anyone with an interest in Aboriginal art and culture and the rock art of the Top End of Australia. Three years in the making we are finally ready to print. The campaign is going really well, we are nearly 2/3 funded!! Get on board for your copy of the first edition!! For more information about our Rock Art Tours go here.

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