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Special collection direct from the studio to you


Visit our studio in Gunbalanya, 300kms east of Darwin and less than an hour from Kakadu. People travel from all over the world to see our artists in action, experience Injalak Hill and immerse themselves in the history of our ancient rock art galleries.

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Based in remote Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, Injalak Arts has over 200 active members – artists, weavers and craftspeople from Gunbalanya and surrounding homelands. Inspired by culture, country, community and language, our talented artists create year-round.

Experience Rock art tours

Visitors travel to Gunbalanya from all over the world to visit Injalak Hill and experience its outstanding ancient rock art galleries. Injalak Arts has been given exclusive permission by the Traditional Owners to facilitate Rock Art Tours led by trained local guides. Tours take place in the morning and are approximately 3 hours in duration.


Special collection direct from the studio to you


Gabriel Maralngurra was introduced to rockart by his uncle, Thompson Yulidjirri (c. 1930-2009), who took him to see the paintings on Injalak Hill when he was a child. Gabriel is inspired by the rock art galleries around West ArnhemLand which are often densely layered with paintings. Rock art painting is a tradition which has been dated back to at least 45,000 years before the present. 


Fibre art catalogue Gunga takes you in a journey of the history of fibre art, the process of its making and the different forms it has taken throughout the years. Learn more about the different kinds of fibre art created at Injalak. Featuring work by painters and...

Collectors Special Edition Catalogue

To compliment DAAF2020 Injalak Arts has created a Collectors Special Edition Catalogue.

To help guide you through the inaugural online Digital Art Fair we want to share a special curated selection of new works by talented Injalak Artists that will be available on our digital booth.

Graham Badari – Life Forces

Life Forces brings together Graham Badari’s latest body of works, bursting with energy and colour. Graham Badari paints every day opposite Injalak Hill and the billabong where he makes acute observations on the different animals and plants that come with the changing seasons.

Acknowledgement of country


Injalak Arts is intertwined with the Gunbalanya Community. The locally owned business operates with the ownership, support and blessing of traditional owners and the Community of Western Arnhem Land. Working closely with bininj people Injalak Arts is committed to being a viable enterprise that supports the economic and cultural aspirations of its members.