Ngalmangiyi dja Ngarrbek (The Turtle and Echidna Story)
Ngalmangiyi dja Ngarrbek (The Turtle and Echidna Story)


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In the Dreamtime, many of the ancestors wandered the country in human form. One day, Ngarrbek (the echidna) went out hunting. She left her child with Ngalmangiyi (the long-necked turtle), who was happy to take care of it in return for some of the spoils from Ngarrbek’s hunting. But the day passed and Ngarrbek failed to return. Ngalmangiyi waited and waited until she grew so hungry, she ate the child. The child’s mother eventually returned and discovered what had happened. She was furious and gathered a pile of rocks to throw at Ngalmangiyi. When she hurled them, they hit the woman on the back and stuck there. Ngalmangiyi wasn’t killed by the attack. The rock turned into shell and Ngalmangiyi became the long neck turtle. In retaliation, Ngalmangiyi collected spears and threw them and they stuck in the back of Ngarrbek, becoming spines. Ngarrbek transformed into the echidna and the two women parted company, Ngalmangiyi keeping to the wetlands and Ngarrbek moving into the rocky country.

Bu korroko nawu birriyungki bininj birrihrey yiman ngad bolkkime karrihre.kunkodjkekudji beneyonginj Ngarrbek dja Ngalmangiyi barrhbom .Wanjh Ngarrbek wam warlbom dja biyikurrmengyaw ngalengarre Ngalmangiyi benehni Ngalmangiyi marrwedoweng wanjh yawnguneng nagrrbek yaw.Ngalbadjan kundurndi biyawam ngalengarre yaw.Ngalmangiyi yimeng ngayawnguneng dja ngamarrwedoweng.Ngarrbek yidduy mey kunwarde burruweng kore kubodme ngalmangiyi bibodmebelbmeng wanjh ngalng yimerranj.Ngalengmanwali ngalmangiyi lobmeng mey mankole manwern burriweng kore kubodme ngarrbek bibodmedjandjanmeng wanjh mirrhdanginj kore kubodme ngarrbek.mankole kahmirrhdjabdjabdi.Wanjh benemunkewerrinj ngarrbek yimeng ngaye ngare kore kuwardehwarde.ngalmangiyi yimeng ngaye ngare kore kabbal kore kukku kaboyo.

ARTIST  Owen Naborlhborlh


Size 41 x 61 cm
Medium Acrylic on Arches Paper
Catalogue # 82232010

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