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Injalak Arts is a non-profit Aboriginal-owned charitable organisation. The art centre in Gunbalanya was officially opened in late November 1989. Indigenous community art centres play an important role in the artistic and cultural life of traditional Aboriginal artists living in remote communities. Injalak Arts is an outstanding example of a community organisation that is 100% Aboriginal owned and delivers positive social, economic and cultural outcomes for its members.


Injalak Arts has over 200 active members – artists and weavers from Gunbalanya and surrounding outstations. Kunwinjku speaking people over the age of 18 are eligible for membership. Although Injalak Arts is located in Gunbalanya, it also services artists who choose to live at their outstations (homelands).

Management Committee

Injalak Arts is a non-profit Aboriginal Corporation. The Corporation’s activities are overseen by a Management Committee of 10 elected members. The Corporation has a number of objectives, with the major emphasis being cultural maintenance and economic self-determination. In its constitution the Corporation aims to “support and enrich the culture of the people in this area” and provide economic benefits for the residents of Gunbalanya and its outstations while being non-profit making.

Owen Naborlhborlh

Vice Chairperson
Maath Maralngurra

Sylvia Badari

Gwenyth Mangiru

Christine Nabobbob

Donna Nadjamerrek

Craig Bangarr

Isaac Girrabul

Shaun Namarnyilk

Gabriella Maralngurra

Management Team

Gabriel Maralngurra and Isaiah Nagurrgurrba are Co-Managers of Injalak Arts. Both men were co-founders of Injalak in the late 1980s and are acclaimed artists and elders.

The team members share management responsibilities according to their experience, knowledge and skills. Since the men have taken on the management roles they have signalled to other members and community residents that there is a potential management career pathway at Injalak.

Management TeamLeft: Gabriel Maralngurra. Middle: Isaiah Nagurrgurrba. Right: Meeting with other staff members.


Supported through the Australian Government’s Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support program

NT Government

Indigenous Staff

In addition to the Co-Managers Injalak employs more than 64 Indigenous staff in a range of positions including: Culture Officer, Print Workshop Manager, Tour Manager, Maintenance Officer, Hill Tour Guides, Printers, Art Centre Guides, Retail staff, Art/Craft Demonstrators and Cleaners.

Community Development Program (CDP)

Injalak partners with Jobfind Centre in Gunbalanya to provide activities, programs, training and employment opportunities for Jobseeker participants as artists and craftspeople, tour guides, retail staff and printers.

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