Kalarriya Jimmy Namarnyilk
Kalarriya Jimmy Namarnyilk
Dreaming: Yirridjdja
Clan: Bularlhdja
Date of Birth: 1938-01-01
Community: Oenpelli


Kalarriya was of the nawamud (kodjok) sub-section. He was a member of the Wurrban clan whose estate is situated in the upper reaches of the Cadell River. His wife Eva Balitja is of ngalbangardi sub-section. Kalarriya told archaeologist George Chaloupka that he was ‘grown up’ (raised) by Nipper Kapirigi, a Gundjeihmi man of the Badmardi clan whose traditional estate was far to the west in the Deaf Adder Creek Valley, now a restricted part of the Kakadu National Park. Kalarriya accompanied Kapirigi when Kapirigi was engaged in various jobs and partook in social and ritual obligations throughout the Alligator River country and the Pine Creek-Katherine region. After the Second World War, Kalarriya and Kapirigi worked alongside Billy Miargu, ‘Old’ Nabandjole and George Namingum, shooting buffalo in the Nourlangie-Deaf Adder Creek-Jim Jim area for Bob Cole. Due to his association and travels with Kapirigi and other senior men to many parts of the great Arnhem Plateau, Kalarriya had a sound knowledge of clan territories, sites of significance and associated traditions. Today he is seen as a most senior ritual specialist. Kalarriya used to reside at various outstations according to season, family and ritual obligation. They may include Manmoyi or Gamarrgowan on the Mann River in west Arnhem Land or at Spring Peake in Kakadu National Park. As a young man Kalarriya contracted leprosy that affected his hands and feet, but maintained a great energy and zest for living and painting.

(Initial notes: NATSIVAD)

Country: Yaymindji, Gammargowan, Manmoyi, (western Arnhem Land) Spring Peake (Kakadu), Nabarung

Kalarriya Jimmy Namarnyilk

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