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National Indigenous Art Fair 2024

Events Date and Time

June 29th to 30th, 2024

Celebrating its fifth anniversary, the National Indigenous Art Fair returns on June 29-30, and we’re excited to be part of it.

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Our Daluk artisans have been creatively experimenting with new earring styles - and the results are stunning! 🌿

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Samson and Sprontin hard at work screen-printing designs for our upcoming 35 Prints for 35 Years exhibition at @darwinartfair! 🎨

Creating 35 brand new screens has been a massive undertaking, but we’re thrilled to unveil the final collection in just a few months.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to celebrate 35 years of incredible art with us! 🖌️

Graham Badari proudly presenting his latest painting of Yingarna (Creation Mother). 🖌️

Emerging from the Arafura Sea, Yingarna journeyed inland with a headband adorned with dilly bags. Each of the dilly bags were said to contain a different language group and clan. As she traveled, she left these spirit children throughout the land and they became the Bininj people of West Arnhem Land.

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Something exciting is in the works! ✊🏾

We`re gearing up to launch a beautiful collection that celebrates the spirit and traditions of our community. Keep an eye out for more details later this week!

Our talented weaver Lynne Nadjowh hard at work, fuelled by a steaming cup of "cowboy tea" (3-4 tea bags brewed for 30 minutes in a large mug).

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Injalak Hill Rock Art Tours now open for bookings! ⛰️ Embark on an unforgettable journey through time guided by local experts whose ancestors have lived in the region for millennia.

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Happy Mother`s Day! 💖 Today, and every day, we honour the strength and wisdom of all mothers and mother-figures.

Join us in celebrating all the incredible women who nurture, support, and inspire us each and every day.

Did you know that in Kunwinjku (the language of Injalak artists) the word "Injalak" holds a beautiful meaning?

It translates to "shelter" – a sanctuary where stories are told, traditions are honoured, and art comes to life. 🌿

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Did you know Gunbalanya is home to a Ngalmangiyi (Long Necked Turtles) Dreaming site? 🐢

The Ngalmangiyi holds a special place in Kunwinjku culture. Daluk (women) hunt Ngalmangiyi by searching for mim, the small holes turtles breathe through while buried under mud. In the old days, they used sharpened digging sticks called "kunbarlkbu" to dig through the mud. Today, the daluk create tools from metal and wood.

In his latest painting, artist Jonah Djumburri is capturing the essence of the Ngalmangiyi. 🎨

Naomi Nadjowh proudly displaying her newest creation, this Djenj (Fish) Weaving. 🐟

Naomi works from her ancestral homelands, where her family has resided for generations. This week, she journeyed into Gunbalanya with her niece and nephew to drop off this stunning piece.

Shari is a natural in front of the camera! 📸

We`ve been busy updating our Etsy store with some new vibrant fabrics. Each of these prints celebrates the beauty of Yekke Season and nature`s renewal.

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Gabriel Maralngurra was introduced to rockart by his uncle, Thompson Yulidjirri (c. 1930-2009), who took him to see the paintings on Injalak Hill when he was a child. Gabriel is inspired by the rock art galleries around West ArnhemLand which are often densely layered with paintings. Rock art painting is a tradition which has been dated back to at least 45,000 years before the present. 


Fibre art catalogue Gunga takes you in a journey of the history of fibre art, the process of its making and the different forms it has taken throughout the years. Learn more about the different kinds of fibre art created at Injalak. Featuring work by painters and...

Collectors Special Edition Catalogue

To compliment DAAF2020 Injalak Arts has created a Collectors Special Edition Catalogue.

To help guide you through the inaugural online Digital Art Fair we want to share a special curated selection of new works by talented Injalak Artists that will be available on our digital booth.

Graham Badari – Life Forces

Life Forces brings together Graham Badari’s latest body of works, bursting with energy and colour. Graham Badari paints every day opposite Injalak Hill and the billabong where he makes acute observations on the different animals and plants that come with the changing seasons.