Merrill Namundja
Merrill Namundja
Dreaming: Duwa
Clan: Madjawarr
Date of Birth: 1968-04-04
Community: Oenpelli


Merrill Girrabul is the daughter of established fibre artist Jill Nganjmirra. The level of skill and innovation in Merrils work is reminiscent of that of her mothers and continues a family tradition of artistry, given her grandparents were the painter Spider Namarriki, and fibre artist Wendy Wirlyuna Djogiba. Merrill’s aunts on her mothers side are all also practicing fibre artists.

The delight in forming complex patterns and intricate designs is increasingly evident in Merrills work. Her baskets feature in Twined Together, a comprehensive
publication and survey of the fibre work of western Arnhem Land. She has also
participated as a tutor in weaving workshops in Darwin and Oenpelli, sharing her knowledge and skill with university field school students and international
visitors.(From Twined Together)

Merrill works at Injalak Arts & Crafts as an arts worker and regularly talks to tourists and visitors about the art and culture of the region and introduces them to the weavers and shows them the natural colours and pandanus that make up the fibre art.  

Merrill Namundja

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