Clinton Namundja
Dreaming: Yirridjdja
Clan: Kardbam
Date of Birth: 1980-03-14
Community: Maningrida


Clinton Namundja comes from a long line of talented artists with who he learnt his painting skills from at a very young age. Namely his Uncle, esteemed artist Glen Namundja with whom he shares a dreaming story with, Namorrorddo.

Namorrorddo beings are devil-like men who inhabited Arnhem Land during the Dreamtime. They are still present at night in the bush. Kunwinjku people believe Namorrorddo can steal the spirits of their dead if they are not laid to rest in the culturally appropriate way. It is said that Namorrorddo traverses the sky in the form of a shooting star, looking for souls to steal.

Clinton has a distinct style which is executed across a range of mediums, from traditional ochre paintings on bark, Djurra (paper) and on sculptural figures such as Mimihs.

Clinton Namundja

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