Shaun Namarnyilk
Shaun Namarnyilk
Dreaming: Yirridjdja
Clan: Burlarldja
Date of Birth: 1979-11-04
Community: Oenpelli


Shaun Namarnyilk, the son of Rita Nadjongorle and Bundy Namarnyilk, is an experienced artist, tour guide, musician, and storyteller from Western Arnhem Land. His evolving artistic aesthetic draws inspiration from the ancient rock art stories and styles found at Injalak Hill and other significant sites in the region.

Shaun’s previous work as a ranger caring for the Stone Country of West Arnhem Land gave him privileged access to remote and inaccessible rock art sites. This experience deeply informs his work. Inspired by the knowledge and aesthetics of his ancestors, he creates remarkable contemporary paintings that explore a wide range of subjects. These include traditional knowledge, sacred spirit beings, and current affairs, such as the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the Gunbalanya community and the unique challenges and benefits of living in a remote location.

To achieve the visual textures of ancient rock art, Shaun mixes colored pigments and ochres, creating backgrounds that reflect the rock surfaces themselves. He skillfully employs the West Arnhem ‘x-ray style’ technique, leaving his canvases exposed to the elements and building layers to give his artworks a weathered, timeless quality.

Shaun’s grandfathers include the notable artists Djawida Nadjongorle, Spider Namirrikki, and Jimmy Namarnyilk. His rich artistic lineage further strengthens his connection to the cultural heritage of the region.

One of his grandfather’s is Djawida Nadjongorle, and other one is Spider Namirrikki, along with Jimmy Namarnyilk.

Shaun has previously worked as a ranger, caring for the Stone Country of West Arnhem Land.

Shaun Namarnyilk

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