Bronwyn Kelly
Dreaming: Duwa
Clan: Mirradja
Date of Birth: 1977-10-05
Community: Oenpelli


Bronwyn Kelly is the daughter of Shirley Nganjmirra and David Kelly.

Vivid colours and innovative weaving techniques are the hallmarks of our weavers. Building on ancient knowledge and skills in sourcing, using and preparing natural fibres our local women create a range of different styles of weavings. All materials used are 100% locally sourced including the vivid dyes and they are colourfast provided you do not store or display them in direct sunlight.

The Kunwinjku people have been using wood to create art for thousands of years, with each piece telling a unique story of their culture and traditions.

Using tools and techniques passed down through generations, our artists meticulously carve and etch designs into wood, creating stunning pieces that range from small, intricate panels to large, grand-scale installations

Bronwyn Kelly

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