Doddorok (rock pigeon) APW
Doddorok (rock pigeon) APW


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Doddorok (the chestnut-quilled rock pigeon, Petrophassa rufipennis) is similar to korlobok (the diamond dove, Geophilia cuneata), but lives in escarpment country and rocky areas. She has red eyes and is very quick and flighty. We see her when we go hunting for rock wallabies, but if we approach she flits over to another rock. The diamond dove on the other hand lives in open woodland areas and by rivers, we hear her calling out there. Another similar bird that lives in open woodland is rakul (the partridge pigeon, Geophaps smithii). Doddorok is only found in West and Central Arnhem Land.

Created at the Australian Print Workshop in Melbourne, this lithograph showcases the integration of modern technologies with traditional art practices.


Doddorok kabenekukrohrok korllobok dja ngahli doddorok ngalengman kuwarde kani kaluk ngalmimkurlba bu karrinan kare kore kuwarde karriwardebidbun karrikawon karrolkan ngalwelbang bu karrolkan kare kayerrkan kore kubolkbuyika manwardebuyika. Dja ngalbu korllobok ngalka karrinan kubolkwern kore manberrk mankabo karribekkan kawokdi. Dja mak ngalbu ngalengman kani manberrk kabenekukrohrok doddorok kangeyo rakul.

ARTIST  Joe Guymala


Size 56 x 38 cm
Medium Lithograph
Catalogue # 82227374

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