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The Lorrkon is a log, naturally hollowed out by termites, which was traditionally used as a coffin for burials and ceremonies. The Kunwinjku people of Western Arnhem Land painted these with ceremonial designs and used them to store the bones of deceased relatives. The bones were wrapped in paperbark before placing them in the Lorrkon, which were erected on a site of significance to the deceased. In some areas, bones were placed in rock shelters instead.

Manbu Lorrkon makka kundulk dja kadulkrurrk. Bu bininj kadowen wanjh kabirrimurrngdahkendong manbu kunmurrng kore lorrkon. Bu korroko dja bolkkime bu kabirridowen coffin dorrengh karrbendudjeng. Dja bu korroko birridoweni bindikukkurrmi kore kuwarderurrk wanjh bindibawoni Kaluk birridurndengi bindinani kunmurrngwi yoy.

ARTIST  Joey Nganjmirra


Size 31 x 41 cm
Medium Acrylic on Arches Paper
Catalogue # 82060665

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