Karndayh dja Manmorlak
Karndayh dja Manmorlak


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Karndayh is an Antelopine Kangaroo and is the wife of Korlobarr (Big Red). They both live in the open stone country on central Arnhemland.In the Dreamtime Big red created the ancient ceremony known as Wubarr ceremony and his wife was a leader of the womens part in the ceremony. They made the first Wubarr ceremony by singing and calling ‘Koyhbo,koyhbo,koyhbo’ until they came to a place called Karndayh Kayhbomeng near Pine Creek.

In this work Joe has shown Karndayh eating some of her favorite foods Manmorlak the billy goat plum.

Ngalbu Karndayh ngalka daluk nabininjkobeng ngalengarre Korlobbarr Kandakkidj.nawu nakimuk kunj.kani kore manberrk.Ngalbinijkobeng Karndayh kayawmang yaw korlobbarr.Korroko duninjhKorlobbarr marnbom Wubarr ceremony.Dja ngalbininjkobeng nuye Karndayh ngalka Wubarr yerrih koyhbomeng Walem djarrengh balkoyhbomeng ngalbu Karndayh.Wanjh kumekke Walem kabolkngeyo Karndayh Koyhbomeng (place)

ARTIST  Joe Guymala


Size 61 x 41 cm
Medium Acrylic on Arches Paper
Catalogue # 77083497

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