Nakurrurndilhba Spirit (Split Man)
Nakurrurndilhba Spirit (Split Man)


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Nakurrurndilhba is a spirit which is usually depicted with a kangaroo head. It lives in the hollow tree logs and is carrying a black poisonous snake possibly a taipan. It eats the snake raw. Only ‘clever men’ can see him.

He lives in the tree, when we see dogs holding the tree and barking, they can see the spirit and we know he’s there.

His body is split in two and joined at the hips, he has one arm and one leg on each side, but two heads. Old people saw him a long time ago, but nobody knows how he got like that.

ARTIST  Gavin Namarnyilk


Size 41 x 61 cm
Medium Ochre on Arches Paper
Catalogue # 2878052

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