• May 11, 2016

    The dry season has arrived

    We didn't have much of a wet season this year, however, the East Alligator River was up until mid-April so the only access until then was light aircraft. Once the river came down we were very pleased to welcome visitors and show off the art centre as we've been continuing upgrades around the place over the wet season. It's been really good to see all our partners again: Kakadu Cultural Tours, Lords Safaris, Venture North and Outback Spirit (so far) and we are always happy to host their guests. Some independent travellers are also finding their way to us :) Mindil Beach Sunset Markets started again at the end of April so if you live in or are transiting through Darwin on a Thursday or Sunday afternoon/evening please go and say hello to Markets Coordinator Liz Martin. She lived and worked in Gunbalanya with us for more than 3 years so has an excellent knowledge of our products and can also explain how to visit - it's not hard! Liz stocks a really wide range of our affordable hand-made arts and crafts including fabrics and accessories and we send in fresh stock weekly so there is an excellent selection. We have a big year planned and expect construction work on the new screenprint workshop and cafe to start before mid-year. Two quirky staff accommodation units designed by Troppo Architects and nick-named the Love Shacks have added some pizzazz to the landscape near the billabong and some of our staff look forward to moving into them once the services are connected. Four of our artists (Selina Nadjowh and Kevin Gameraidj, Lynne Nadjowh and Jonah Djumburri) will be traveling to Guam for the Pacific Festival for the Arts on May 20th - a huge and very exciting trip. More artist travelled is planned for late July. If you're interested we regularly (often daily) update our social media sites, especially facebook and Instagram and that's where you'll get fresh information about what's happening on-site. Hope to see you sometime in 2016!

    February 16, 2016

    It’s a bright shiny New Year

    We've now had the 2016 calendar New Year, then the Chinese New Year of the Monkey and most recently Valentine's Day - and it feels good. We finally sorted out our internet (was down for three weeks) and we're back online. The team is raring to go and full of energy with the calendar already filling up with coming events. Outstation trips commenced this week with some beautiful weavings and paintings coming in from Manmoyi, Mamadawerre and Kabulwarnamyo. Dave, Virgil, Roland and Gabriel did the trip. Have a look at the photos on our facebook page here - this album will be updated regularly. The Construction crew are limbering up and getting things built and painted. We have just called for tenders for our NEW SCREENPRINT WORKSHOP AND CAFE - this one is so exciting. Fingers crossed the build will be finished by the end of dry season. We have exhibitions lined up for Australia and overseas (details coming soon), a diary full of dry season tour operator bookings, a special guest consultant coming in April 2016 to give us advice about the new kitchen/cafe and Mindil Beach Markets gearing up for a start in late April. Of course we have a heap of wonderful fresh stock, paintings, baskets, sculptures, jewellery, fabric, bags etc in the shop ready for the river to come down and visitors to start arriving. We also have publishing projects on the go, an oral history project underway, skills development workshops scheduled ... it's all happening. To follow us more closely with daily updates on activities please like our fb page Injalak Arts Gunbalanya.

    December 18, 2015

    Thank You & Happy New Year 2016

    Injalak Arts just closed its doors for 2015. We had an absolutely BONZER year - with fantastic sales, lots of successful projects, happy and friendly visitors, visits to outstations, trips, art fairs, exhibitions, workshops and more. We'd like to thank our commercial and government partners and their staff for their support and advocacy including: Outback Spirit; Djabulukgu Association/Kakadu Cultural Tours; Lords Safaris; Venture North; Framed Gallery (Darwin); Nomad Art (Darwin); Aboriginal & Pacific Art (Sydney); Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair; Tarnanthi Festival mob; Kakadu National Park; NT Department of Business; Ministry for the Arts; FRRR; National Library; ABA; PM&C; WASC; GSSC; ANKAAA; and Jobfind. Special thanks to the Cambodian crew: Kravan House; A.N.D. artisandesigners; Villageworks and Tabitha Foundation. Also our trainers, especially Jude, Janie, Scott, Nick and Karen; markets coordinator Adrielle; inhouse designer Amber; website support Marina and architect John Cameron. We look forward to even more fun and great products and services in 2016. LASTLY BUT VERY IMPORTANTLY - THANK YOU to our wonderful customers - your support keep us going, it sustains us. Your purchases motivate our members to keep making arts and crafts - without you we wouldn't have an art centre. We love youse (sic) all. Injalak Arts and on-line store will be open again on 27th January 2016. Stay safe and please play well with others.

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