• March happenings

    March 14, 2017
    Congratulations to the successful participants in Get It On!! We received more than 50 EOIs from around the world with a surprising number from professional designers/sewers. The variety and creativity was staggering. After assessing the applications we made a decision to expand the project to be as inclusive as possible. Originally capped at 25 participants we created two categories of participation so more than 40 creative people/collaborations will be involved. We aim to send out fabric around the end of the month with creations due back here at the end of May. It will be an extraordinary event! We are currently thinking about how participants and those interested can be kept in the loop through social media as the project unfolds. Meanwhile our artists and craftspeople are very productive with beautiful paintings and weavings walking in the door daily. Wet season is when the Pandanus is plentiful and basket making is at its zenith. Stunning woven objects including many sculptural works like stingrays and yawkyawks (mermaids) are being made. The fabric printing workshop has been going gangbusters with lots of stock now in our Etsy store. BIG THANKS to those customers who have been shopping there, it's been welcome cash flow in our lean season: the wet season flooding means we are still inaccessible by road. Our printing ladies (Selina, Sylvia and Priscilla) are currently working with Jude White, our printing trainer, who arrived on site on Saturday. They will all leave at the end of this week for a 2 week artist residency in Northern NSW teaching and learning with Bundjalung women of Wake Up Time. Finally, we have some staffing changes with the arrival of Laura Shipp, our new Art Centre Support Officer, and tomorrow we will be joined by Zoe Curran who will take up the Arts Administration Officer role. A big welcome to them both.

    Get it on!!!

    February 11, 2017
    We are excited to announce the launch of a new event - Get it on! - inviting clothing designers/makers to create wearable items out of our hand-printed fabrics. We have 40+ different fabric designs created by our artist members. Our team prints these designs on silk, linen, linen/cotton and cotton on our 8 metre table. We are looking for inspiring ways of using our fabrics in womenswear, menswear and children's clothing. Can also include bags and wearable items (hats, jewellery). We supply the fabric and when participants have finished creating their piece they are rewarded with a gift voucher and included in an exhibition in Darwin in August 2017 also online. Prizes will be awarded in categories such as 'most fabulous', 'most surprising', 'most strategic use of fabric' and more. We have already had EOIs from potential participants from around the world. See our ever expanding Facebook album about the event here. For more information and details about how to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) send an email to director@injalak.com

    Hello 2017

    February 6, 2017
    We've only been open a week since the big 6 week wet season closure and it's been craaaaaazy. There has been non-stop rain so the roads and East Alligator River are in flood. Nobody can drive in or out - but that's normal for this time of year. What's not normal is to find that we've been featured on INSIDER Art, whose team kindly used video from our Instagram and Facebook accounts to create a lovely little feature video. Currently it's had 2.1M views. See it HERE. Seriously people, this is mad!! Here we are in a remote Aboriginal community in north Australia and yet people around the world are seeing and appreciating our fabric printing team working their magic. As a consequence we've getting fantastic feedback and lots of visits to our Etsy Shop - so we've made sure it's full of great things. Please consider supporting us because at this time of the year we have ZERO walk-in customers so cash flow plummets. Our artists (members) are still making lots of beautiful paintings, weavings, carvings and artefacts as well as printing so the Association supports them year round. Looking forward to a fantastic year and stay tuned for happenings and events. We've got a few in the works ....

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