Shaun Namarnyilk

Shaun Namarnyilk

Skin name: Nawamud
Language: Kunwinjku
Dreaming: Yirridjdja
Clan: Burlarldja
Date of birth: 1980-12-31
Community: Oenpelli : NT



Shaun Namarnyilk is the son of Rita Nadjongorle and Bundy Namarnyilk. Shaun is an experienced artist, tour guide, musician and storyteller. His asethic continues to develop, drawing on the ancient rock art stories and styles of Injalak Hill. 

One of his grandfather’s is Djawida Nadjongorle, and other one is Spider Namirrikki, along with Jimmy Namarnyilk. .

Shaun has studied the rock surface on Injalak Hill and is mixing coloured pigments with ochre to create backgrounds which reflect the surface of the rock itself. He’s layering with the West Arnhem ‘x-ray style’ technique, leaving his canvas out in the rain and continues to build layers, giving his artworks the appearance of the ancient rock art on the hill, which are tens of thousands of years old.